How to write an Essay: Four easy steps

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
― Maya Angelou

Those pesky essays sitting on your desk, waiting to be done with are judged a bit too harshly. They may seem like too much work but are quite easy once you know how to go about them! Yes, there is a way to go about them and the way is structured in a way that allows you to turn in the best essay that you have done yet. All you need to do is remember four easy steps:


This simple formula is enough to get you through this much feared road of essay writing.

Before explaining the T2E2 formula, it is important to understand what an essay is. The Oxford dictionary states that it is a short piece of writing on a particular subject. But is that all? An essay represents your understanding of a topic, it showcases your presentation skills, and even provides you a feedback of where you stand at your field of study. It has been derived from the Latin word ‘exagium’, which loosely translates to ‘presenting one’s case.’ Presenting one’s points on a specific topic is best done systematically. Hence, the formula: T2E2

This stands for:

Type: the type of essay to be written

Topic: researching and organizing the topic

Envisioning: planning and execution

Editing: post writing processing

Let’s give these four easy steps a closer look.


Essays can be of different types. The major four categories that you can pick from are descriptive, persuasive, expository, and narrative. These need to be selected on the basis of the topic that you need to write on. A descriptive essay is just as it sounds. It focuses on the description of a certain element or an act. Persuasive essays try to set a certain idea in the minds of the readers can convince them of a point. An expository essay explains a process of anything. And a narrative essay gives information like telling story.


The topic is something which sometimes is in you control and at other times it is in the control of others. If, fortunately, selecting the topic is in your hands, then it is up to you to brainstorm. Write down all the ideas that come to you. Using graphical representation on paper is a great way to sort the information in your brain in a more systematic way.

It is essential to research the topic before you sit down to pen it. A well-researched topic will be a well written essay. Draw out all the angles that your topic might entail and try to answer the major questions that might come up for a reader when they read your essay. Best essays are those that do not have vague, open ended questions riddled in the content.


Once you are done with your homework now it is the time to give your essay an outline and then fill its sections. Envision yourself as the reader and try to create points that might come up in their minds for your topic. Then, explain those points. Remember your main purpose while you are envisioning and executing the planning. You have to showcase your knowledge on the subject while being a good communicator.


It is said, that a good writer is one who can edit their work efficiently. It is very important to go back to what you have written and go back to it again. Read, re-read, and edit everything your find unsuitable for your purpose. While editing, make sure that your essay content is in correlation with your thesis statement. It must be a one line summary of your entire essay.

There you are! You must have heard that practice makes perfect. The more you practice the T2E2 easy essay writing steps, the better your essays will be. Just remember, planning and strategy is everything.

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