How to write a vision statement

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

– Gail Devers

Before defining a vision document, let’s first consider what “vision” here means. The word “vision” would normally mean, to be able to see, this is the physical sense of the term. When it comes to the ‘vision statement’, it means more than to be able to see physically. It is an intangible, abstract idea, which includes a spectrum of thoughts and goals. A “vision” includes on how a company would create its identity in terms of its goals. In comparison with a mission of a company, a vision is more tangible as it includes milestones which are achievable and even time bound. Here are some pointers and practices which are essential to structure a good vision statement.

  • Crystalize the purpose of the organization. Before moving on to setting goals and instigating ambition, it is important to first determine what the position and purpose of your organization is. First, establish an OAS statement. This is the Objective, Advantage, And Scope of the company. As the questions:

“Why does our company exist?”

“What is different about us?”

“What are the things we must or must not do to fulfill our goals?”

  • Determine the company structure. What type of company are you working to establish? This structure and type of your organization will help determine the goals and milestones that you need to set up. Non-profits structure, plan and execute differently than a for-profit organization.
  • The “five year” question. The five-year question is a good question to ask when planning for the future. If you look five years ahead in the future and see a successful organization, then what would you see? How would you envision your organization? What are the things that you have already achieved? What does the world look like? What products and services are you providing? The world that you imagine here, is where your vision statement should be able to fit.
  • A measurable goal. The goals set by the organization should be such that they can be measured. Quantifiable goals are more attainable and provide a specific direction for planning. Statements like, “We will set up 5 more units by the end of this year.”, are quantifiable and offer a definite plan of action.

These practices are only some of what helps create a good vision statement. A company is a complex organism and functions much like a living one. Its many parts work together for the survival and eventually the growth of the organism. The vision statement is an essential part of the company and needs to be set with consider thought and good planning.