A persuasive language is about persuading the reader and influencing the reader to listen, believe, or think about it. It is a written form of oral debate which is in interesting form for students to practice. There are different features of this language with imperative verbs, alliteration, facts, and opinions. They are great ways to express views and subject opinions, to practice writing using persuasive writing devices.

This helps students to be involved in the work. The language of persuasion comes through reviews, travelling brochures, advertisements etc. The technique of persuasive language is through appealing to authority where experts and research can make arguments which are reliable and convincing. The appeal to emotion and reason is based on facts, numbers, and information.

The appeal to trust, and the rhetorical questions is about the questions that are not answered and seem to be in the “obvious state” as well. The repeated words, alliteration, emotive language, or rhetorical questions are difficult to be practiced and it emphasises on the personal pronouns like “I”,” we”, “you” for direct connection to reader.

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