Game Based Learning in Education

The education is not only for the classroom, lectures or the notebooks. It is also for shaping the minds of students and also prepare them for a better future. The game based learning approach is an innovative and interactive way to change the entire approach with enjoying process of learning too. The gamification process in classroom is through embedding the learning experience with elements like engaging quizzes and the system points, badges or the leader boards. With this, the teaching through failure, repetition and completion of goals is a true essence on the game based learning. The benefits re motivation, inclusive and personalized learning with interactive engaging elements of a game for the students to feel motivated and focus on the subjects which are for longer periods without distraction. The creativity and teamwork is also important to track on progress and the level of progressions for every student.

         The game based learning leads to motivating and incentivising students to engage and work towards getting extra credit points and special privilege too.

The gamification process is about competitive elements in different activities and then monitor the students in different separate teams. The competition, engagement and immediate rewards are for increasing the engagement on curiosity of children and imagination which is effective to illustrate on how they are reading in class too. The game based profits are for tracking on progress of students, allowing to compare the student scores for different assignments and activities as well.

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